A personal climate strike

The details of this climate strike are still in the making. This is the rough outline. I will be living on different organic farms for one year in Norway, working in agroecology and permaculture projects.

I long to learn as much as possible about sustainably and self-sufficient living and working, about biodiversity, about working with animals and plants. I want to know how to build things, how to make them from scratch, how to DIY and improvise. I want to cut back as much as possible on spending money. This is also a necessity, given the very limited financial resources that I have.

I want to adjust my diet as much as possible to things that grow and/or are produced in Norway. This rules out a lot of luxuries like coffee, tea, cocoa, most of the spices we use, nuts and vegetables. I am open-minded and curious how my plan works out. Failure is an option.

I haven’t been flying all year and I certainly will not board a plane in the coming year. Traveling to Norway is quite easy with busses and trains and I will also try hitchhiking in Norway. As I will be bringing my bicycle I want to use it in Norway as much as possible, getting from A to B.

Over the course of the year I will document what I learn and what I experience on this blog and for the German broadcasting station DLF Kultur.

You can find all about this project here: thisisaclimatestrike.com